NOTICE: Jan 1, 2018 Midwest CheckRite merged with InstaChek, a Texas based corporation, located in Abilene, TX.

About InstaChek

The usage of in-house credit, credit cards, and debit cards has been steadily increasing for many years. However, payment by a check still continues to be one of the most preferred methods of payment in the nation, second only to cash.

As a business owner, you understand the importance of offering a variety of payment options for the goods or services you sell. At the same time, however, you must balance which payment methods are truly beneficial and cost-effective.

InstaChek offers several programs that still allow you to accept checks with relatively little risk, but not cost you an arm and a leg to administer. Very simply, by allowing InstaChek to assist your business, we will provide you access to a "Negative" database of individuals who have "bounced" checks with other InstaChek businesses throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa and other surrounding states. With this database of information, you will know in a matter of seconds whether to accept or deny a payment by check.

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